The vast majority of the following text will be in English, due to how xenopronouns work and how hard they would be to translate in all languages. Apologies.



related to the body

related to sheep

Sheepgender | Related to sheep in general | sheep/sheepself

Ramcatgender | Related to cats, rams, and the combination of both | sheep/sheepself, cat/catself

Ageresheepic | Related to sheep and ageregretion | sheep/sheepself

Somovium | Related to symbols of sleeping, like the moon and sheep | moon/moonself, sheep/sheepself

Sheesleepic | Related to soft sweaters, blankets, pastel purple, sheep, and sleeping | soft/softself, comfy/comfyself, sheep/sheepself

related to sharks

related to vampires

related to cats

related to wolves

related to angels and devils